Cam And Leo: Live Blues

High energy, visceral live blues from a duo that don’t let that fact there’s only two of them stop them putting on a damn good show – and incorporating as many instruments as they can get their hands on.

Cameron Arndt (Highway 491) and Leodhas Barrie (Taped Live) play stripped back live music, with percussion pedals, loops, harmonicas, a mandolin, tambourines and vocal harmonies just the icing on top of their core arsenal of biting electric guitars, raw acoustics and impassioned, gritty vocals.

On any given night you might hear Cam singing songs by Robert Johnson, Sonnie Boy Williamson, Howlin’ Wolf and more, while Leo glues everything together with sparkling slide guitar. Or maybe Leo will bust out a stratospheric solo during a Johnny Cash cover, followed by Cam’s swooping harmonica to top things off.

When it’s time to really let loose The White Stripes’ Ball & Biscuit or ZZ Top’s La Grange will morph into a stunning electric guitar duel, and if respite is required the two are more than happy to deliver some relaxed acoustic numbers from artists like Neil Young, Eric Clapton and B.B. King.

It all adds up to a top night of entertainment, tailor-made for your venue. Check out the demo clips and live tracks below then get in touch by email or Facebook to discuss a booking!!

Facebook Message: Cameron Arndt Music

Find out about the guys next shows on their Upcoming Gigs Page!


Bullfrog Blues: A full live-in-session performance of Bullfrog Blues, most famously played by the late, great Rory Gallagher…

Demo Clips 2018: Check out a range of Cam & Leo’s live music from recent shows and live sessions to get a flavour of their gigs…