Cameron Arndt Music – Live rock, pop, soul, blues, trad acoustic covers and more!

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Whatever you’re looking for in an evening of live musical entertainment, Cameron Arndt will provide!

A livewire evening of classic rock, pop, soul and blues covers in your pub? No problem. Some laid back acoustic guitar-based backing music for a dinner? Sure thing! Traditional Scottish or Irish tunes for a whisky tasting evening? Definitely! Or some real, in your face, raw rock and blues with some original material seamlessly blended in? Read on!

The format can be a simple acoustic guitar and vocal affair, but even better is Cameron’s full show where he uses percussion pedals, loops and vocal harmonies to provide a full band experience with just one man on the stage.

With a regular catalogue of over one hundred songs to draw on – including everything from The Beatles to Kings Of Leon, Robert Johnson to Queen, Fleetwood Mac and Sam Cooke and much much more – and a willingness to take a risk on a request whenever possible every night is different, every show unique.

There are two things common to every performance however: Everything is played live, to a high standard, and it’s all performed with a deep passion for the music and for entertaining. Sets can be short (30 mins to an hour) or long (2-3 hours, or a full evening!), rates are very competitive (and negotiable).

So if you’re looking to spice up the evening in your pub or bar, or if you have a party, wedding, funeral(!) or dinner that needs live music that’s just right for the occasion check out Cameron’s demo videos above (with original work further down the page) and drop him a line by email or Facebook message!!!!

Facebook Message: Cameron Arndt Music

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Standby Blues: A track from Highway 491’s ‘In The Loop’ record featuring Cam backed by Hooligan Sadikson (The Fire And I/IdKid) on drums. The video for was filmed during Cam’s solo tour of Europe in Summer 2017 and was put together from clips of all the shows he played across 7 countries in two weeks: