These Places, In This City: Album Lyrics

Here you can find the lyrics to all the songs on our debut album! Click a song title below to jump to the song, and hit ‘Back To Top’ to go back to the list when you want to find another!

The Record
In The Loop
Boom Boom
Feet To The Fire
3rd Time Lucky
Moscow (On The Road)
Crime & Punishment
A Lie Agreed Upon
Smokestack Lightnin’

The Record
(C. Arndt/L. Barrie)

I just can’t drink alone, so they say
But I can’t get to sleep any other way
Anyone and everyone is elsewhere, where they should be
I’m right here, there’s nothing there for me

It’s all right here, right at my fingertips
But just out of reach when I tried to hold it
Right way, wrong way, only way to kill her
Only when it’s over you realise that you needed her

Turn the record over in my hand
Find the groove I need to land
Gotta flip that record in my hand
The other side is all I have

New sounds from old sounds, I find all that I have
The hiss and the crackle slightly bring me back
Still I keep on drinking, like I never do
Still I keep on thinking, like I wish I wouldn’t

New sounds from old sounds, I find all I have
The hiss and the crackle slightly bring me back


In The Loop
(C. Arndt/G Murrie)

To make your escape, this is where you got to run to
Like the song said, maybe things will be better here
That name, seared into your brain
Your eyes hurt every morning, that ain’t gonna change
(Not for you)

Dark corners, underneath the tracks
Irrational or otherwise, you gotta watch your back
That train, get you where you want to go
Sometimes without knowing, sometimes real slow

It’s getting out of hand on this railroad
In the loop you know you gotta take hold
Of anything that might just get you home
In the loop, it’s all too easy to let go

A story ended here, with a picture and a name on the wall
Feels like you’ve been here before
You can tell by the bullet holes
That number, always at the back of your mind
Guess that was the turning point, that was the time

It’s not quite what you expected,
But it’s everything you hoped
You’ve got something to go back to
Somewhere to call your own


Boom Boom
(John Lee Hooker)

Boom boom boom boom
I’m gonna shoot you down
Right off your feet, Take you home with me
So watch your step
Boom boom boom boom

I like it like that
When I go to your house
Or take you home with me, ow ow ow ow
So watch your back
When you’re walking like that

Boom boom boom boom
I’m gonna shoot you down
Right off your feet, take you home with me
So watch your step
Boom boom boom boom


Feet To The Fire
(C. Arndt)

Gonna hold your feet to the fire
Gonna smash your head off the wall
You’re all just slaves to desire, and it’ll kill you all
I watch you all scrabbling around
Stuck in the mess that you found
You don’t even know that you’re bound
Maybe you’ll never know

But I’ll never let you go
Though I’m sick and I’m wrong and I’m slow
I’ll never let you go, I’ll never let you down again

The world’s on it’s way to the grave
All you want is the next thing you crave
Somehow you think that makes you brave
That’s your next mistake
What will it take to make you see
All this stuff ain’t the thing you need
All I want’s a little peace, that could help us all

They say we were so much greater in the past
So we should vote for whatever crazy fancies a chance
Oh Sure! They’ve ‘got a better way!’
Build this, break that, send them all away


3rd Time Lucky
(C. Arndt)

It started at four, or thirty after that
With the wind howling, killing, to the usual time at that
Ringing in my ears, when everyone’s around
Gives way to the nasty business
Of shocking, roaring sounds

That’s the 3rd time, you caught me out
That’s the 3rd time, I shot you down

The road stretches forth, it’s eaten up so fast
To watch some other dreamers, to wishing you had that
And the point of all this nonsense, through sober pleading eyes
Is to give a sense of purpose to all those quiet lies

Some crazy race back here, ends with something more
Just an hour, more or less, to the door
I guess it’s shown me something
In the look from the man at the point
Which leaves me silently waiting
For all the dots to be joint


Moscow (On The Road)
(C. Arndt)

Explain to me one more time
The ideas that brought us to the edge of this precipice
Remember the last time
And what it supposedly taught us about avoiding this mess?
Shouldn’t have listened to so-called advice
To stick around, be lazy or play nice
Now stuck in a moment, suspended in whiteout
The same view clouded by spiraling cold

There ain’t no way, off this road

So welcome to Moscow
Where you’ll be staying from now on.
It’s been over an hour now
And you’re not going home
Want to get out and walk?
Freeze on the freeway, die on the highway
No point in trying to phone
It wasn’t the best day to take that holiday

No hope of rescue, it just can’t get through
Don’t know what I tried this for
Guess it’ll happen all of the time
For the rest of our lives, could be here for days


(C. Arndt)

I was cold
Because it was the only way to be
I kept quiet
Worried what would happen if I speak
Set myself up as the smart one, the intellectual
I set myself up

I was loud
To overcome what I did not know
Always in their faces
So I could not fade away
Set myself up as the fool, the clown
I set myself up

I’m the fool, because I did not listen
I’m the fool, because I did not speak


Crime & Punishment
(C. Arndt)

End of the night, out on strike and we watch you from afar
Hours go on with the same old song, for everything you are
Now it’s illegal to stand on this ground, well they made it so today
I’m not gonna listen to television but tomorrow’s another day

Is it right that this thing decides, this ethereal ideal wrong
Society, the only way or a mess that carries on?
For commission of crime, every time, a hanging or reward
Crazy or mental is incidental at the sharp end of a sword

Who said it don’t pay, have your own way
If what you think is true?
All your feelings, your criminal dealings are washing over you
If you let them see the entirety of everything you are
They’re gonna hurt you before you go too far

Troubled by need, turning to greed
Grasping every little thing you see
You just want the money, it’s the only way you see
To get that stuff you seek
Forget the importance of rules of possession, archaic debts of law
Get out there, go somewhere, find anything you want


A Lie Agreed Upon
(C. Arndt)

We came here from the east coast
Maybe four or five years ago
Thought we had it all figured out
Thought we’d dodged the killer blow
But your ideas get chipped away, piece by piece
All your plans are eroding
You can’t hardly breath

Sooner or later, you can’t hide
Sooner or later, you can’t hide
From the things that you’ve done

That car you drive is unfamiliar
The street you walk is not the same
Every day seems more hollow
A stark disruption to what you claim
As your ideas get chipped away, bit by bit
All your plans are eroding
You can’t hardly breath

You got these places, in this city
That you run to, a small reprieve
There’s these people who won’t let go
No matter how much you concede
Your ideas get chipped away, piece by piece
All your plans are eroding
You can’t hardly breath

But maybe this town can live on a lie agreed upon


Smokestack Lightnin’
(Chester ‘Howlin Wolf’ Burnett)

Whoa-oh, smokestack lightnin’
Shinin’ just like gold
You gotta take that train
Straight on down the line
Why don’t ya hear me cryin’?

Whoa-oh, tell me baby
What’s the matter with you?
Why don’t ya hear me cryin’?
Whoo-hooo, whoo-hooo

Whoa-oh, stop that train
Or I never see you no more
Why can’t ya hear me cryin’?
Why can’t ya hear me cryin’?
Whoo-hooo, whoo-hooo

Yeah, Smokestack Lightnin’



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